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What type of wind turbine design will get me the highest rpm in low wind? Answered

I have a couple ac motors that i am trying to turn into wind generators and they both need fairly high rpms to begin output. Where I live, we have pretty constant wind but not always high wind, so I need a turbine design that will get me the max constant speed for a reasonable price. Any ideas?



Best Answer 10 years ago

To be honest, the output of an AC motor based generator is so narrowly tuned to its RPM, they are too tricky to be reliable - a big DIY chain in the UK had to have a massive refund program after trying to shift a similar design.

Look up Hugh Pigott's Scoraig windmill projects - make your own alternator !


10 years ago

I think you will need DC MOTORS not AC


Answer 9 years ago

In my Ins-able i used a small wind operated dc generator with a vcr tape machine motor running on 3 volts. this output lit a red led light in a mild wind. the prop of the devise was 4 bladed and 2 feet across. wind speed was about 10 mph. i used a belt to increase the speed of the motor rotation -ratio 1 rot prop to 10 rotations motor using a rubber string belt and pulleys. Altho not a turbine design it works fine. In another design [see Ins-able] i used a vertical blade set so any wind direction would cause rotation. but i still would need a gear reduction set . .


10 years ago

Some kind of gearbox is probably required. See what you can find?



10 years ago

Windturbines work by a propeller or blade as you might call it, being rotate by the power of wind. When the blade turns it turns a series of gears eg big gear goes to a small one to achieve higher rpm therefore creating more electrodes if you hook it up to a motor or generator.


Answer 10 years ago

Your best bet is one with blades. other such as windscrews can spin at lower rpm's as they are heavyer but sometimes less noisey. Although the blades will be noisy at high winds but not in low winds