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What type of wood should i use for my build? Answered

I'm going to be building a pvc xylophone like some of the ones on this website. I am really knew to wood works so would someone like to tell me what kind of wood to use. It needs to be able to hold a decent load and could look nice but doesnt need to and if there are multiple types then which one is the cheapest. I also would like to know if primed mdf is an ok type of wood to use

Side note the i specifically said pvc so pvc pipes is what it is made out of and it needs to hold a bunch of pvc so it has to be durable also i want to know a specific one not a hard or not particle pine? oak? what



7 years ago

What exactly do you want the wood to do?

Are you making the instrument out of it.??


7 years ago

Not MDF or other particle-board. Solid dry wood, and physically on the hard-side.
The supporting bits you could be more flexible with.
See here