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What type/number of batteries should I use? Answered

I have 6 Hi-Tech HS311 Servos that i'm running off an Arduino and external power. I have tried a 9V on the external power, but it only works for one or two servos, moving for a short time. I need to find out what type of battery I should be using. I have quite a few 9Vs lying around, if I could use those, that would be preferable. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
The servos have to lift each other and some aluminum. A couple of friends and I are building a servo snake. Thanks!



5 years ago

Your issue is 2 fold - A normal RC servo uses 6 volts (5 if digital) look up the data sheet for the servo your using.

They will draw quite a lot of current - much more than the 9 volt square battery can supply.

Go to AA cells or even C sized cells these can supply amps. You can get rechargeable batteries in all sizes.

Alternativly look to the RC world and the many types of Lipo battery available - BUT you will need to regulate the violtage to 6 volts. In an RC model this is usually doen with a BEC (Battery eliminator circuit) You can buy them.


Answer 5 years ago

Ok, thanks!

I'll go look for the data sheet and possibly a pack of rechargeable batteries. Thanks!


5 years ago

Problem with 9V is they have vary little capacity for their size. 6 AAA batteries would be better. Any combination of batteries to give you 7.5V or more will be better than using 9V batteries.

Keep in mind the Arduino can only offer up to 1A from it's 5V rail. If you want to support a lot of servos then you'll want to use an external power source. In other words the servos need to be connected to the batteries directly and not to the arduinos 5V. Keep in mind you will need to tie the ground of the arduino to the negative lead of the power source.