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What types of food pairs best with an full body chardonnay? Answered

I love really oakey/buttery chardonnay....I just never know what types of food to pair with it!



10 years ago

This tool is pretty fun to play around with. Hard to tell if you're missing something, but informative nonetheless. It doesn't go into too much depth into each individual wine's differences.

Specifically for Chardonnay, you could try these foods. That also recommends what food NOT to eat with Chardonnay.


10 years ago

Herbed white meats (poultry, fish, pork to a certain extent) and white, hard cheeses normally go with full-bodied whites. Unfortunately, most places have fallen out of favor with decorum and pairings of wine to foodstuffs. In this sense, I'm a traditionalist. White wine to poultry, seafood, and lighter hued meats, Rose` to bridge light to heavy transitions between courses or dark pork ,lamb, and wild poultry. Reds for wild game and beef. Of course, it's all a matter of taste and culture, but this is what I like to use as a guide.