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What types of magnets to use for generator? Answered

I am building an electric generator similar to one found on a wind turbine.  It will be turned by a number of things; the main purpose is just to generate electricity.  I need to know what type of magnets to use with the coils, should I go for one with greater pull force of more gauss on the surface field?  What other specs should I take note of?  Any help would be appreciated! 


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Best Answer 10 years ago

The more powerful your magnets the more power it generates and the more power it takes to turn it.

You can "stack" your magnets to get more powerful magnets.

You can have more than two or four poles.

More turns on your coils gets higher voltage but thinner wire will not carry as much current.  There's a balance there somewhere for you to find.

The faster the coils break the lines of force the more energy you will generate.


6 years ago


Give the name or type of magnet which are used in MAGNET GENERATOR...

only name or type not any other instruction.


10 years ago

As lemonie suggests, best bang will be neodymium n-50.

More gauss, less distance, more torque = more power generated.

One must balance the cost of the magnets to the benefit of using the better magnets.

Better magnets will cost dysproportionately more (in my experience) so its nice to find a nice middle ground.