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What weights do you use to get a levitron omega working? Answered

If anyone could tell me what they used so I could use a range around that you would be amazing.



9 years ago

start with no weights and when you lift up the plastic thingy if it rises half and inch and is unstable you need to put more on. if you put to many on it will only rise 1/8 of an inch, try to get it to rise 1/4 of an inch


10 years ago

Didja read this sheet?
I think the weights are to fine tune each top to your style of spin and the base magnet.

What I use for mine or the next guy probably won't work for you or they would just tell you use this weight.


Answer 10 years ago

Yes I have but, I have fiddled with that for endless hours trying to get it working. I just want to know what weight other people used that worked. So I could try around that weight range.