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What will I need to add bluetooth to a USB Wacom Tablet? Answered

I'll apologize in advance that my knowledge in bluetooth is fairly shallow at the moment.

As seen in the recent Intuos4, bluetooth is definately possible.

However, I was wondering if there's a way to convert other USB wacom tablets into bluetooth? What would it take to do it? 

I'm thinking is there some way to directly convert the USB data wiring to some sort of bluetooth module (while the power source comes from a 5v battery or something)? Or will I have to go through some sort of reverse engineering on the PCB to connect to a bluetooth module?

Any information about specific bluetooth modules or even bluetooth in general will also be greatly appreciated!


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10 years ago

It seems like it should be possible. They sell USB bluetooth dongles, so I would imagine you might be able to mod one and wire it into the tablet's USB connection. If that doesn't seem feasible, it may be possible to build some kind of interface with an Arduino or something of the likes.