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What would a delivery drone prototype look like? Answered

Hello guys, I have been working on this project - delivery drones which has turned out to be a startup at its early stages. Meanwhile, I have never done anything as big as this project but am willing and ready to work. I need to understand the different connections, sources, materials and tools for me to build a delivery drone that can fly autonomously from the base to a buyer's location, drop the parcel and return to home safely.

What do I need for a prototype or what can I do to successfully launch this?


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1 year ago

Well, basically all big delivery companies and even fast food chains already developed delivery drones.
Plenty of videos online as well to highlight the tech.

As far as I understand the basic concept writing published it goes somehow like this:
The drones get the required GPS coordinates and a selected flightpath from a computer.
Here things like no flight zones, high wind areas, overhanging wires and such are stored in databases.
A simulation or better A.I. defines the most economical route possible and the result is uploaded to the drone together with the parcel.
Sources like Google Street View provide additional information on where best to drop the parcel.
Would be for example if someone has a big pool in the frontyard and ever pizza lands in there...
Delivery confirmations is a picture on take off and the return path is usually the same as the one for the delivery.

Biggest problem is that in most countries not even self driving cars are fully proven, drones are way more complex in terms of possible safety issues.
Not to mention how certain people would wait in the main flight paths to get the drones down...