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What would be a good, CHEAP covering for a slightly inclined sunroom roof, so we can use it as a deck? Answered

I have a sunroom roof with access. When we moved in, this 'deck' had steel pipe railing that caused a roof leak where it was screwed into the floor. We had to recover it with 'ice and snow' and the contractor cut the pipe off. So now we have a roof but would like to use it as a deck again. Last year we covered part of it with cheap, and loose indoor outdoor carpet and put some of our veggies in plant pots there to keep them away from deer and woodchucks. We'd like to cover it but can't afford Trex or a contractor! Any suggestions? Is there any reason we couldn't cover it with vinyl flooring? I saw a guy on HGTV use scrap lino to make 'rugs' by painting the other side. Would that work outside? Would I have to put something under it?


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11 years ago

The scrap lino sounds like a good idea. You could even put a few dabs of "Ice and Snow" under it to help hold it in place, or maybe some of that non-skid rug pad stuff.
You could possibly also make a reasonably secure railing with pier blocks & lag screws or buckets of concrete to hold the uprights in place, and tie it into the side of the house at the back. This would be more of a fall-deterrent than fall-prevention, and certainly not up to any building code I'm familiar with, but at least it would serve as a reminder that there's an edge there. Better to actually secure the uprights to the roof and seal them so the roof doesn't leak, though.