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What would be a great present to make for my mom's birthday? Answered

I am a sophomore in high school aspiring to create an awesome present for my mom. I am limited on supplies so unless it is really simple (like paper) I would like to keep the supplies list under $20. I am good in simple woodwork, intermediate electronics, and intermediate origami. Please help!



9 years ago

Carve her a spoon, and present it in an origami box.

(The great advantage you have is the Unwritten Law of Motherhood that says that any gift made by a child is worth a hundred times any bought gift, no matter how badly made.)


9 years ago

Rather than making a present, you could give her a certificate. It might be good for:
--doing ten loads of laundry.
--washing dishes ten times.
--babysitting younger brother(s)/sister(s) one night, free.
--dinner out, with you and paid by you.
--etc. (what might your mother appreciate?)

And of course... flowers are always good.

Good luck!


9 years ago

See this guide. It should give you some ideas.