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What would be the best way to attach a Piezo Tranducer to a basic Maplin Preamp for vibrational Pick-up? Answered

Basically I want to fit a piezo disk into (inside) one of my turntable so I can pick-up the vibrations made by its movement for a kinetic-sculpture I am currently working on for Uni. I just curious as the best method for amplifying this sound and was hinted to run the disk through a preamp for the best effect.


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10 years ago

I would have thought that you could drive one of  these Maplin amp modules directly from a piezo pickup as it quotes an imput sensitivity of 80mV.  With the simple disc type piezos with a parallel 1M resistor you will get several volts out when knocked so a pot to reduce the level would be necessary.  See my Piecax Instructable for a scope trace of this.
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