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What would bee a goodd rc 2.4ghz system to use with arduino? Answered

I am looking to buy a 2.4ghz 6channel rc system to go with my arduino.  I need one that I can program what the channels do and I need to be able to program what state the rc reciver reverts back to after loosing signal. I am on a limited budget ($100-NZD $80-USD) and need it to be able to control all sizes of robots. I would like it tto be as cheap as possiable andd will buy second hand (so please tell me if you see one or are looking to sell). I have a book called "arduino robotics".and the ones they recomend are the.

I will get this one if I can program the channels it goes back to after loosing conection (its cheaper)
and this one i think it is programable but i am not sure.
and the reciver for that one.

does anyonne have sugestions?


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