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What would happen if you apply ultrasonic levitation to water ? Answered

While tinkering with my latest creation, a 6L ultrasonic cleaner, I started to wonder...
When using these actuators for cutting or welding purposes a horn is used to provide some amplification of the movement and to get the right shape for the tool.

Oil seals, like used on drive shafts are no problem when attached to a node of the horn.
And if you ever placed a small diameter horn into some water to test it you know the storm it creates.
But what would happen if two horns are used on opposing sides of the container?
At the correct distance the same static nodes like we see when levitating in air should appear.
What would happen to the tiny cavition bubbles that shoot away from the horn?
Am I correct to assume that, at least in theory, it should be possible to create a stable vacuum bubble between the horns?


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1 year ago

Just to be clear: I am not looking to get sonoluminiscense in case you wonder...