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What would i find in a geacache? Answered

what kind of  object(s) would i find in a geocache?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Well, there are several different sizes of geocache, ranging from micro, to large. Micro is about the size of a C02 cartridge for a bike tire, and usually contains a small rolled up piece of paper to write your username on. The large kind is usually a military ammo box and it contains a log book and several small trinkets.

Sometimes there is a prize for the first to find. There is often toys, pencil sharpeners, everything! I once found a laminated 4 leaf clover.

You go to the geocache, and you take something, leave something, and sign the logbook. Usually this is referred to as TNLNSL. It is a fun thing to do with the family, and is better then sitting on the couch all day! Good Luck!


8 years ago

Whatever the sponsors put there. That's part of the excitement you don't know what's there.