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What would you rather see a instructable as my fisrt project. Answered

Ok for my first project i have two ideas that I would love to do. And i want y'all to pick which one I should do and i will have the pro and cons for each one. I will decide which one I will do once I hear what all you have to say by 15th of July.(Yes this year) Master Chief Halo 3 Helmet Computer. Yes, yes I know this seems some dumb idea, but I have to try it since I saw the NES PC. Pros:Something for me to get the hang of and something for me to sell on ebay when I am done. Cons: Take awhile to make and to buy the parts and might not be done till Dec. Will cost me around $500!(I have no job and am looking for one, so ya.) Sony TC-630 D Computer I have one but if I decide to do this one I will get the 2nd one I need so I can use the parts from it to fix this one and use the other for a Case. Pro:Have 90% of the parts.(Being a geek rules!) Have cool retro computer. It looks cool. Will end up with a Working on and a Computer one. Cons:Need a OS....(Possible Linux Server) Well you have seen the choices so please help me out!


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