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What would you recommend for an Arduino starter kit? Answered

I have €60 =~ $79 / £50 to spend on an arduino and stuff to use with it as an introduction to electronics. I've looked around at other starter kits and so far, I plan to get:

An arduino Deumillanove,
A breadboard
Jumper wire
a few piezo elements,
5 x blue, 5x red, 5 x green LEDs,
2 x RGB LEDs.
LOGIC, SHIFT REGISTER 8-BIT, 16DIP (how many of these will I need)

So far that costs about €50 from ie.farnell.com. Are there any better places to buy from in Ireland?
I have some motors with gear boxes and potentiometers that I used for school projects which I can recycle.
I know that I'll need resistors but I don't know how many of which resistances.

Is there anything else like sensors etc. that I might need or you think would be fun or good to learn with? I dont mind extending the budget if I have to.

Thanks a lot in advance :D


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Best Answer 10 years ago

I started with this one and was quite happy with it: http://www.oomlout.co.uk/starter-kit-for-arduino-ardx-p-183.html
I have also bought a bunch of IR diodes/photoresistors, tilt-sensors, opto-isolators and better potentiometers. You can find a lot of fun components and get ideas by scavenging old electronic equipment.