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Whats a good beginner Balisong? Answered

As the title suggest, i am looking for a good beginner balisong that could last me a long time.

I have no skill in balisong tricks whatsoever and is eager to learn.I've been looking at the model 62 but that thing cost a small fortune!.

Any ideas?



8 years ago

Most of the better built knives do end up costing a bit more. So it really depends more on your budget. What I'd suggest you do is go to a couple of the big knife shops online, have a look at their balisong/butterfly knives in your price range. Once you've got a few that you like, ask for opinions here or do a search for reviews on their quality, craftsmanship and longevity.

For the record, their's no reason you can't pick up one of the $10 cheapies, grind down the sharp edge and learn the techniques and have some fun without cutting your fingers up.