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What's a good electric solution for vacuum-sealing canning jars? Answered

The consumer-market vacuum sealers often have attachments for vacuum sealing canning jars, but they're mostly designed for use with bags.  I have to assume that one made for canning jars only would be much more compact and take up much less counter space.

There are a few i'bles around on how to use the canning-jar attachments with hand pumps - bicycle pumps or brake bleeders.  But they're slow and tedious.

I've search Harbor Freight for vacuum pumps, and everything I've found was way too big, and way too expensive, for this little job.

Any ideas?  Something that can pull .28mHg on a quart of air, in a couple of seconds, that can be plugged into a canning-jar attachment, and can be kept on a kitchen counter?


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