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What's another name for a rotary pneumatic indexing valve? Answered

I am trying to find or create an air indexing or selection valve that has one line going in and several (6 to 12) coming out. I can imagine how to create such a thing: A valve disk that rotates in a body with 6 to 12 outlet fittings on the valve housing. The disk has one hole cut radially and one cut axially intersecting it at the center. Install in the valve body, spin it around with the valve stem, and there you go. Agitate away!

The thing is, I'll bet these already exist if I could find them.

Can anyone tell me what this thing-a-ma-bob is called? Or who might make them?


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1 year ago

Usually people just use standard electric valves and some more or less complex rotary encoder.
In the most basic form just a few copper rings (sections) that close a carbon braush contact like on a brushed DC motor but flat.
The modern approach is a standard, rotary positioning sensor and a smal micro controller to give power to the valces in question.
Real rotary valves have been in use but mostly as purpose made untis due to the inherent problems of leakage in such systems.