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What's in your Tool Kit? Answered

I wish to start building and need a tool kit.  What are the top ten tools that I should get in order to be able to construct most instructables?  Also I am on a budget and live in a flat (no garden=no garden shed).


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Best Answer 9 years ago

Tool requirements are based on the job.  What type of projects are you most likely to undertake (i.e. wood working, metal work, electronics, etc)?

For a good all purpose tool kit for basic home repairs and simple projects I would recommend the following items:

Claw hammer (16 or 20 oz)
#2 Phillips (cross tip) screwdriver
1/4" Flat tip screwdriver
Tape measure
Slip joint pliers
Channel lock pliers (pipe pliers)
Diagonal wire cutter or lineman's pliers
Adjustable wrenches (6" & 10")
Cross cut hand saw
Hack saw
Small pry bar

Very useful but somewhat more expensive power tools that you might want to include would be a cordless drill and a circular saw.


9 years ago

soldering iron
a screwdriver set
a hex screw set
a drill
a hammer
a rubber mallet
friends with good power tools


9 years ago

Agree with the others that the answer depends very much on what you want to do.

My usual recommendation is "Buy the tools as you need them." That avoids wasting money on tools you don't need, which in turn lets you buy better quality for the tools you actually use.


9 years ago

Really a forum type question - MUCH depends on what you are interested in BUT:

Soldering iron & solder
Good craft knife
Adjustable wrench (spanner)
Light hammer
Wire cutters
Set of drills
Cordless drill
Small saw (suggest junior hacksaw)
Screwdriver set
Watchmaker screwdrivers set

A lot can be done with hand tools and a little ingenuity


9 years ago

You'll get more input to a question like this if you ask it in the forums.


9 years ago

I gues it all depends on what type of instructables you are considering building. They range from craft to electronics to sewing to software to woodworking and metalworking and almost any combinations of these.

If you currently have almost nothing, I would get the following for all around general purpose projects:

1/4" drive sockets, standard and metric
open end/ box end wrenches up to at least 9/16"size,
same range of wrenches, only metric
basic pliers
needle nose pliers
side cutter pliers
basic standard and phillips screwdrivers
some kind of hammer
electric drill with bits
tape measure

I don't know where you are, but if you are in the US harbor freight is a good source of tools if you are on a tight budget. These are of course mostly Chinese made, not "top of the line" items but they would probably be fine for the items in the list above.

I person could go back and forth all day on this kind of thing. Building a set of tools is usually something that a person does gradually, over a lifeftime actually.
I still have stuff I bought as a teen ager.