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Whats required to run LED lights off a battery? Answered

Hey, Community 

know what boffers are? I was hopping to make a pool noodle boffer, but put a little bit more love into it. I want it to be inspired from star wars. I was thinking of putting LED light strips up/in the sides of it. Maybe 2 or 3 strips of LEDs. 

What kind of set up would i need to have maybe 2 or 3 strips of 4' LED lights. I'd like the batteries to be down in the handle. What kind of set up would i need? How many batteries, what kind of lights and such? 

I'm clueless and looking for some insight. I dont know a whole lot about electrical stuff. So detailed answers are awesome. i'd like detailed answers, but im not opposed to my own research. At the least i was hoping that you could leave a topic for me to read up on. 




4 years ago

It wouldnt used in a pool. Its simply for padding so they can hit stuff in sword fighting. The pool noodle is a just a solid piece of foam for a shock absorbent. So no need for water proofing.
Thanks for the feedback!


4 years ago

Assuming 12V light strips, Quick and Dirty solution, grab a pair of 9V bateries and wire them in series. Use a voltage regulator to bring them down to 10-12V. just don't expect long battery life maybe 15 - 20 min?)

You may have better luck soldering individual led's and running them off of a "Ultra fire" li-po batery. if you only need say a hour of power, you could easily draw 2-3Amps from it.

2.5A / 20ma (per led) = a maximum of 125 Led's !


a Pair of rechargeable AA's (Wired in series) should have the same 2500mah capacity. But are limited to say 1Amp discharge rate, although you would then have a 2H+ lifespan.

1A / 20ma (per led) = a maximum of 50 Led's !

Just use a buck converter to lower the voltage from 3.7 down to the 2.2V - 3.3V your led requires.


4 years ago

Don't bother for anything used primarily in water as it is nightmare to keep electronics waterproof.
Might be easier to use some black light and UV paint on your pool noodles, or you might be lucky and find some in UV active colors already.


4 years ago

Depends on the LED strips you get. Often the place that sells the strips sell compatible battery packs for them as well. Power needs are determined by the LEDS in the strip and how they are wired together. But for a more light saber kind of effect you may want to look at Electroluminescent wire or strips. Better know as EL wire or strips.


Here is the inverter to power the strips.


Do not use them in the pool once the project is complete. No matter if you go LED or EL. Though you can get water proof strips it's hard to ensure the power pack stays water tight.