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What's the best, inexpensive way to build a storage shed? Answered

I would like it to be as Green as possible, with natural lighting via windows and maybe a skylight. The space is 8'x10'x8' and the floor already exists.



Best Answer 10 years ago

Ask on your local freecycle for materials, many people give away windows and wooden doors. old fence posts are good for studwork. If you can accumulate enough doors you can fix them together to make the walls. Doors are usually 3 feet wide so your 8 foot walls would need three each trimmed down. with windows on the long side you could lay a couple on there side with the windows above. there is an instructable somewhere for making shingles from beer cans which sounds good although would take some time. if you can utilise an existing wall then you instantly reduce costs as you only need to build another 3. if your looking to be as green as possible then try to find somthing that was classed as useless and headed for the tip over "green products bought new" they are more than often free. Are there any building works nearby? if so try approaching the builders to see if they have any "scrap materials" these have to be skipped and therefore cost the builders money to dispose of. you may have to wait but could end up with a good ammount of useable materials.


8 years ago

In our area, Habitat for Humanity has their "ReStore" building supply store. Some serious bargains can be had, especially if, as is usual for a shed, exact specs can be flexible. Example: I found laminate flooring there for about 5 bucks a box. Cheap laminate is 99cents a sq ft with a box containing about 24 sq ft. So normally 25 bucks, at restore less than 5. They have stuff so cheap, it will break your resistance to buying it! LOL


10 years ago

The 'greenest; option I can think of is recycled materials. There are plenty of building supply stores that specialize in recycled construction goods, such as insulation, tile, skylights, moldings, gutters, etc.. the trade off is that you may have to hunt for your materials, which takes longer. Good Luck!