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What's the best method of creating a transparent, protective coating for custom aluminum coasters? Answered

I have 4x4 inch metal coasters (for placing drinks on) which are made of aluminum and I don't want them to get scratched.  What's the best type of protective coating I can place on top of the metal to prevent scratching? 

The coating would preferably be less than 2mm thick, be smooth, and dry very hard.



8 years ago

It should be noted that solid aluminum in a normal environment is _always_ covered by a transparent protective coating of aluminum oxide...

How badly do you really expect them to be abused? Might be worth just trying them first to see what happens.

I sometimes use old CDs as coasters. Haven't particularly noticed them getting scratched, and they're probably softer than the aluminum. -Minum. Mum. Yeah.


8 years ago

1. A sticky clear plastic film such as used to protect books.
2. A spray / paint on clear lacquer / varnish
3 nothing will totally protect the aluminium and be clear. A glass ring is about the closest you will get to a totally hard surface.