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Whats the best method to tonertransfer a _double_ sided pcb? Answered

I was mad a lot of single sided pcb layouts with the toner transfer method. now i want to make some double sided pcb layouts, but i dunno how i can do it right, so that its 100% same position on every side.




9 years ago

Print both sides on a single piece of paper, with a bit of space between them. Then fold the paper in half over a light box, so all the stuff lines up. Then put the board in and run it through a laminator.

Course this only works if you can cut/copy/flip/rotate an entire layer in your software. If that can't happen, then you can line up 2 sheets and tape them together on one edge.


10 years ago

Lining it up with be crucial. I'd say do the toner transfer on one side, and if possible, drill some of the holes now. Even if they're just mounting holes in the corner for screws. Next, punch holes in the paper for the bottom side, line up with the holes in the board, then transfer as normal. Either that or make any vias extra large so any small mistakes will be acceptable.


Answer 10 years ago

That's how I do it. I drill two mounting holes, in opposite corners of the board, and use them for alignment.