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What's the best way to attach fabric to the inside of a plastic milk crate? Answered

I want to make my own ottoman out of a plastic milk crate, turned upside down, with a small pillow on top, that's completely covered with fabric. But I'm not sure how to attach the fabric to the inside of the milk crate so it stays put. Any ideas or tips?



10 years ago

I'd make two covers:

  • The inner cover wouldn't have to look nice (could use a less fancy - but still sturdy - fabric). This would be the one I'd attach to the crate, using a long needle and sturdy thread to makes tacking stitches around the bars of the crate.
  • The "real" cover would use the chosen decorative fabric, which I'd stitch to the inner cover. A layer of batting or foam between the two covers would help keep the milk crate bars from showing through, and add to the general feel of upholstered "poufiness."