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What's the deal with sending patches? Answered

If you become a pro member you have the ability to receive and give patches, I don't understand what they do? Is it just a way to say thank you? if so I think Instructables needs to make up some new ones or drop it altogether. 


Penolopy Bulnick

Best Answer 6 years ago

If you are a pro member, you are given a certain amount of patches you can give away for whatever reason you want. Anyone can receive a patch, you don't have to be pro to receive one from someone. We (the site) also give away patches to people who win contests so people can see which contests that person has won.


6 years ago

As far as making new ones, you can make your own and put your pictures on them. Also your own text and your own reason. I haven't seen any mean patches, like the "dumbest instructable" patch, but I suppose even that is possible. Could get you in trouble though.