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What's the legit way to fix a crooked unicycle crank? Answered

I bought a unicycle off craigslist and I was riding it around. my foot slipped off the pedal, leading to a fairly nasty crash (I landed on my feet, the unicycle was the nasty part). when I picked it up, the crank was off by about ten degrees. I couldn't find any instructions on how to fix such an issue, so I just figured that if I hit it into that position I could just hit it back. I smacked it with a rubber mallet a bunch and it eventually made its way back to the right position. I'm now wondering why it was possible to just smack it to where it needed to be (seeing as I doubt a unicycle would have any pressure-fitted parts, especially since it's a sun unicycle AKA legit), and what the correct way (if this isn't the correct way) to fix it would have been.

oh, and if it helps, the crank on the unicycle was also crooked before I hit it,  as in the inner surface of the crank wasn't parallel to the tire until I put it back.

(sorry this is in the bikes channel, I guess the instructables sorting system isn't that diverse yet. I kid, I kid.)


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Best Answer 9 years ago

What was bent? the hub, or the actual crank arm?

If the arm was bent, then yes, a good whack or hydraulic/leverage bend is the way to fix it - but beware, it will stress harden/weaken.

If the hub assembly is lightweight, it may have also bent and short of a few whacks to straighten it back out, then there's not much other than replacement to get it straight again.

PS. I love unicycling!