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What's the most meaningful thing you've made as a “maker”? Answered

It's a simple question, no it's not directly related to any field or topic, but I'm interested in your responses. What makes it so significant to you and why is it so important?

I look forward to reading your replies



Reply 10 days ago

Neat! Wish you all the best moving forward!

Jack A Lopez

11 days ago

The most meaningful thing I've made?

I suppose it would have been that time I was making scale models of this mountain in I had never seen before, except in dreams.

I think the first model I made was built out of mashed potatoes, carved with a fork, while I was supposed to be eating dinner, but instead I was just kind of spacing out, thinking about that mountain. Later I made a much larger model of this mountain, in the middle of the living room, made from mud and rocks, that I dug up out of the back yard.

My whole family thought I was crazy, and I guess I kind of was obsessed with the visions of this mountain.

However, it turned out the whole reason for my obsession was because there were these extra-terrestrial visitors (ETs), who were communicating with me (and several other people I met later) telepathically.

Basically the ETs were just communicating to us the location of a landing site, for their spaceships, where they wanted to officially greet humanity, and play some music for us too. The mountain turned out to be a real place, Devil's Tower, in Wyoming, and boy was everyone surprised when those ETs really did show up!

Although I have to admit, regarding the various scale models I was building, probably the only reason it felt meaningful at the time, was because those dang ETs were messing with my head.

CamdenS5Jack A Lopez

Reply 11 days ago

I’m more of a crater/hole guy when it comes to playing with mashed potatoes, helps keep that gravy under control. :-)


11 days ago

I've enjoyed thinking about your question for the last few hours, and I think I have an answer. It might sound a little cliche, but I mean it:

It's whatever I'm working on right now.

I tend to seek out projects that don't have a clear pathway to completion, where I'm forced to push myself creatively to learn new things and find solutions to challenges that interest me. (I think this is a common "maker" mindset, and why so many of us tend to lose interest in a particular project halfway through - when all the intriguing obstacles have been overcome, and we're just left with the busy work to complete the thing!)

But making things is how I get into the "flow state"; I'm actively applying everything I know and making new connections and discoveries in the moment.

It's terribly exciting, challenging, and satisfying all in one.

In the most simple sense, I make to learn. I love the satisfaction of meeting and overcoming a new creative challenge.


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For sure! I couldn’t agree more. It nice to see that other people have a similar mindset. Thanks for your reply! :)


11 days ago

The most meaningful thing I've made as a maker?
I'd say the very first thing I ever made. Maybe it was a lego candy machine, maybe it was a cardboard marble maze I found online...
Whatever it was, it's the reason I found instructables.
And now anything I make is meaningful, because it helps me advance forward as a young maker :D


Reply 11 days ago

Wow. That is a actually a really cool way of looking at things. Thanks for your thoughts!