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What's wrong with this wiring? Answered

I've finally decided to undergo my first real electronics project - building a quad-NAND synth
( as per http://www.misusage.org/wordpress/?p=23 ).
It's basically a simple oscillator run through each NAND gate of a 4000 series CMOS IC, fed into each other for manipulation.
This is also my first time actually translating schematics to a breadboard, which I've attempted haphazardly - see my attached image.

My questions are the following:

How many errors have I run into?
If I were to test this oscillator, how would I go about installing the audio jack?
Am I grounding this correctly?




8 years ago

The 011 is a quad nand gate, 75% of its gates are floating.
You are powering it correctly.
Do you want it to oscillate ??
What is your C value ??
Also your 100k is shaped like a disc capacitor with a winni:þ

Put a wire from pin 3 to pin 5 and a wire from pin 6 to the + rail.
Now you can look at pin 4 without upsetting the oscillator.



Answer 8 years ago

Thanks a ton! good to hear the power is ok.
I do want it to oscillate. The capacitor is 1 uF.
Aren't pins 4,5 and 6 part of a different gate as the first three pins? Wouldn't that connection break the loop of the first gate?
Also, should I groud all unused inputs and forget all unused outputs for now?


8 years ago

Seems to be connected ok... or at least, it won't blow up if you apply power. The audio jack will connect to the "out" pin through a large capacitor to block DC.


Answer 8 years ago

Thanks! If I run one wire from pin 3 to a capacitor, then two wires out into both ends of a stereo jack, will it be audible? All I have right now is stereo jacks.