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What's your DREAM workshop Answered

Hello everyone!

I am looking to create a local makerspace in my town and I want to know what you guys would like in your DREAM workshop. Anything you can imagine no matter how big or small. Post anything you can think of. If it's something that can be built fairly easily too, even better.



1 year ago

Good, focused, movable lighting! Survey your community to see what is available; don't duplicate. Ask working artists, craftsmen, and artisans if they can help beginners. A makerspace need not answer everyone's needs; sometimes a student might just want to shadow a maker for a few days to learn how to ask the right questions! I sometimes start out by saying, "I don't even know enough yet to ask the right questions. If I tell you what I want to accomplish, band show you my rough plan, can you help me?" This works very well!


1 year ago

LAser cutter, you don't need anything else except hand tools.

Hello TheCroug,

When it comes to creating a local makerspace, it never hurts to look into your local community, see what tools are readily available in the community and work to offer access to what is not easily accessible in your makerspace.

Living in a city where space is a premium? Large tables and lighting might be a great tool already. Living in an area where digital fabrication is a big deal but public woodworking shops are hard to find? Set up tablesaws, bandsaws and lathes. Equipment can be hard and expensive to come by. Keep an eye out for estate sales in your areas, Goodwill outlets, ShopGoodwill.com and Craiglist.

Overall, create an experience that completes and compliments the local maker ecosystem, scout local talent and offer them a space to teach classes.

Best of luck, your friendly neighborhood charlatans.