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Whats your favorite way to make PCB`s? Answered

Whats your favorite way to make PCB`s? i personally like direct etch with direct etch decals, gives good, reliable results.



8 years ago

The photoresist method has always given me the most consistent results. If I'm doing a surface mount board, it's the only method I use. But for some through hole boards with big, fat traces I'll still use toner transfer because it's cheaper and I have a lot of bare copper clad to use up.


8 years ago

I like the precoated photoresist boards.

I use regular inkjet transparencies for the positive, although it takes two separate transparencies sandwiched together to get enough density from an inkjet printer. Laser transparencies probably wouldn't require a second layer. Still the resolution is good enough for my needs.

Expose with an old sunlamp, then develop and etch. Very reliable.

Tried the toner transfer method several times with poor results. Now everyone is using magazine pages for paper instead of photo paper. Possibly should try it again...but we don't have a laser printer at home.


8 years ago

Depends on the PCB.
  • My light belt was direct etch (one side)
  • My SMT mix through hole uP  PCB house (two side)
  • My 6 layer 2" narrow ring motor stator PCB house
  • My Son-in-law toy horse direct etch (one side )

8 years ago

I have etchant, and several pieces of equipment to actually do several ways, but have yet to find the time to actually try any of them....opinion then will be forthcoming.