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Wheelchair Wheels Answered

I'm a wheelchair user and I would like to change the side wheels and rims with a bike  geared wheel and push handles.  

I need someone, brighter than me, to  work out how to combine the crankshaft and back wheel into one unit?

If this could be done, I would extend the pedal shaft to become handles which I could push with my arms.

Don't know if that is clear..

I've tried to add an image here, but Instuctables just not uploading anything!!!

If you have any idea about the wheel idea, I would be grateful to hear?

Many thanks




Reply 4 years ago

Hi and let me first say thank you for such a quick response!

You got the idea spot on... the Rio and the Quantum Runner wheelchair look great. I work on distance, so needs construction to be robust.

I now need to get someone to work on design and fabrication! :-)

Thanks again... great advice!



Reply 4 years ago

Had another thought on the cheap approach:
If you take the rear wheel of bikes with no gear shifters - the old type ;)
They have a free wheeling hub inside and an almost suitable ration for your form of propulsion.
The only problem is the brake that is working as soon as you go against the rotation, which might to be removed or disabled.
But if the handles are connected to the sprocket they should work just fine.
Push down to make the wheel turn, pull back with nothing because of the free wheeling hub.
Not sure if the rotating direction can be changed though but could be simple if both sides of the axle are identical inside the hub.


4 years ago

Hope this helps!?