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Wheelchairs suck! Answered

Hi, my name is Mary Heacock, a.k.a. Queen Mary, because if I have to sit in a chair, I’m gonna make it a THRONE!
Wheelchairs suck! So I made something better, but no one cares. The market actually has disincentives to innovation. It just cost too much to innovate with very little to no reward. The current marketplace just will not respond. So I am building an entirely new collaborative marketplace to sky rocket innovation and bury costs. Cripple A will provide a collaborative platform (Autodesk Fusion 360) to support innovation and small manufacturing. This is truly what they mean by triple bottom line. The cripple wins with better gear, the innovator wins with micromanufacturing opportunities and the public wins with an entirely new bottom up economy. See the instructible that I published to explain my journey here:  https://www.instructables.com/id/The-THRONE-how-to-fix-a-crappy-industry-pun-intend/
I am but one person, but I know I can make a difference. Do you know anyone who’s up for changing the world?
Better buckle up, Mary
PS I have holes in my brain so I am terribly unreliable especially with forums such as this. Please be patient with me as I work out a system.


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5 years ago

Sorry you haven't received much feedback here. That's an impressive design.

You nailed it: The market actually has disincentives to innovation. It just cost too much to innovate with very little to no reward.

Without getting too political, the USA medical community in particular is has a weird structure; we socialize the risk, but privatize the profit.

Best of luck. I think you'll need lots of allies to make it happen, maybe some crowdsourcing would help...


Reply 5 years ago

Thanks gmoon!

What I need most now is support! If you would like to support a little bit more please sign up for my email list. I promise I will never send out more than just a few emails on this list. But we are eventually considering crowdfunding for some of the companies. I don't have money, but I can make friends! Email addresses count please consider helping. The reality is this isn't just one company. It is an absolutely huge undertaking. But I seem crazy enough to try it. My website is not polished in any way but if you send me a comment in my contact section check the box for email updates and you're all set. If you would be interested in working on any of this I would love to have you! I need everything from web folks to accountants and don't forget all the nerds. Contact me personally and I would love to talk to you about your skills and any time you may wish to donate.

Thanks for your words of support.