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When I load web pages, it's very slow. I think it's DNS related; how do I fix this? Answered

I just fixed a complicated internet setup but then I just bumped into something else.

When I load any page, it takes a while to actually show anything (_nothing_ is shown; it's not like a slow loading page).

My internet speed is "blazing" fast - it's exactly what's it's suposed to be (according to my ISP) - thanks to speedtest.net.

I think it's DNS related because...
... when I go to a page using it's IP address, there's no lag. E.g.: when I type "" withouth the quotes, it's blazing fast, near instant. By the way, that IP address head's to Google.com.

I tried with the above address as well as "" which is another google ip address.

I have the same issue with a ping command: slow when using domain name, fast using ip address.

But I have no idea how to fix this...

Thanks for any help..


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11 years ago

I have this problem, and Nobody has posted a good answer. But around here I find that stopping & reloading often works even if you do use these proxies. That's because if you look right down the bottom the page is often waiting for data from somewhere like an ad-server and it's "got stuck"