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When To Start With Arduino? Answered

When To Start With Arduino?

Do you think that a 13 year old can start learning arduino?

If yes, Where is it possible to learn the "code stuff" for ardiuno

Are there any easier arduinos to start with?



Jacoby Yarrow

4 years ago

Yes! The sooner the better. I started using arduino when i was about 11, i also liked to take things apart and see if i can make it do something else (usually smoke). I think the way i learnt to code the arduino was going through the example programs in the arduino IDE and messing around a bit until it did something different, its not to hard to learn either. The arduino uno is probably the best way to go for a beginner.


4 years ago

The answer to this type question is always "now". The sooner you learn stuff the better and the quicker you can move on to bigger better things. Don't just try and book learn the coding. Get an Arduino, the UNO is your best bet and either buy a starter kit of some sort or just get some basic components (LEDs, resistors, switches, wires, breadboard, etc.).

I get most of my Arduino coding help from one of two places.

1) Arduino.cc. The Learning section has lots of tutorials and a huge reference section with pretty much every command plus some from common additional libraries.

2) Looking at similar projects when writing code it's good to keep in mind that everything you're writing has probably been done before at least in some form. Search for projects that share a small feature you need help with and see if you can learn anything or adapt their work. For example, when I was building my projector screen I ended up finding a bit of the network stuff on a T-shirt cannon guide which shared nothing mechanically with my project.


4 years ago

I started with my first electronics and mechanical ki (similar to Mecano) when I was 9 - and that was about 35 years ago...
You are never to young to start learning if the stuff interests you!
Check Ebay for some Arduino kits that have a breadboard and some electronics to play with or get Arduino, breadboard and some kits seperately.
Don't go overboard with the pricetag, do some online checks to find cheap suppliers or filter out the results on Ebay.
Usually the kits come with some code to download from a website so you can use the stuff inside but the Arduino websites offer a great deal of info for everything related.
Same for the forums, once you have spent some time exploring and tried your first simple programs you will want to learn to more ;)