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When using a circle loom for knitting, how do you taper the top into a "dome" shape? Answered

Ive never knitted before, but have been recently inspired to knit a condom. It was just a really cute idea! Ive got the main part of the shape, but need help on how to reduce each row in order to taper the top.



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9 years ago

Decreasing one stich per row:
1. Take the loop on second peg in the end of the row you wish to decrease. Place it on the third peg in from the end of the row.
2. Move the loop on the last peg in the row to the peg that was left empty by theone that was removed.
3. Wrap all the pegs that have loops on them; The decrease peg will have three loops on it.
4. Knit off all pegs. when knitting off the decrease peg, take the two bottom loops and pull them up over the top loop and over and off th peg.

I took the instructions and picture from "Learn to Knit on Circle Looms" by Denise Layman. Buy the book its full of information. Including how to make socks, I've made several to different sizes and lenights.

decreasing directions.jpg