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When will the winners of the Fix It contest be announced? Answered

I have been anxiously awaiting the results of the Fix It contest but I'm not sure what the deal is. This is the first contest I have been in the finalists for and I'm not sure what the norm is. It originally said that the judging would end the 15th and then on the 15th it was changed to the 17th. After the 17th it just said that the winners would be announced soon. It is now the 21st. How long does this usually take?



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Best Answer 7 years ago

There are 3 contests that had the judging end on the 17th including the fix it one, and all of them are in the same limbo. It does not usually take a long time once the judging is finished so I also am puzzled.

What is a surprise is that the finalists have been put up for the Epilog contest and that judging doesn't end until the 29th and that one had more than a thousand entries.

Another puzzle is that if you look at the top right of your instructable, and in fact all the finalists instructables, they have all already been tagged as winners. Its the little medal looking thing that is next to the medal for getting featured. I don't remember them doing that until the winners are listed.

Sometimes they are slow to get things done, and they did have a lot of contests up. One would think they would be a little faster at putting up the winners once the judging is done since that is the easy part of the competition, unless there is some controversy brewing. Who knows.

Last fall I won a first place in the "Fix and improve it contest"  yet my instructable was never featured.  It got very little notice and had a few more than 3000 views since Sept . Then on July 12th this year they finally featured it and in the one week it  went from 3,000 views to over  24,000 views. I guess some things get overlooked sometimes.

An improvement that they could make would be to let people suggest that an instructable be featured. Just add an option to the flag button SO you would have :  Wrong category, Inappropriate, Incomplete, Spam,  And then ADD "Feature This One."  

Patience, maybe I should write an instructable on that. 


Answer 7 years ago

Right on, thanks for the quick reply. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought it was a bit odd. Yes, a feature suggestion button would be nice. Also, an ability to see how many people have downloaded the pdf would be nice. On soundcloud they even have a feature that lets you see what county the plays on your tracks are from which was always pretty cool to see. That would be a very cool feature on here.