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Where can I buy the upright twin rails and brackets to build shelves for a pantry? Answered

I can't find a source for the rails and the brackets on line. All I can find are ready made units. Home Depot prices are so high I can't afford them. My old unit hase 10 shelves,and they are is bad shape. which means I would need 20 brackets, at $6.00 each, $120.00 is too much money. The shelves themselves are OK, its just the single slot rails and brackets that need replaces, they are so flimsey I'm afraid all my food is going to end up on the floow.


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11 years ago

Maybe you just need one set to reinforce the weight bearing capacity of the shelves, they probably sagged under use by loading with heavy cans and jars. Get a shelving standard "rail" that matches the spacing and install between the existing supports/ or on a stud. It might look a bit uglier but you will not need to do anything to replace/repair the existing supports. Or just go with cheaper L shaped metal braces to use as an intermediary support. They should blend in with the utilitarian pantry. I little more work to attach to each shelf but will do the job. Good luck.