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Where can I download software similar to paperdisk, that is compatible with windows vista? Answered

 Hi, I'm wondering where I can find software similar to the cobblestone paperdisk software that can print files as data tiles. Paperdisk is not compatible with windows vista, and that's my operating system. What can I do?


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10 years ago

...Was thinking about a way to increase the storage capacity of the Paperdisk technology. First, resolution of current devices is much better than in the 1990s; therefore, pixel-coding can be used. Second, the original Paperdisk was based on black&white images; adding color can substantially increase the density of pixel-coding.

Combining the tow above, color pixel-coding can be a big step to boosting Paperdisk capacity.

Incidentally, color pixel-coded infromation does not have to be printed on paper; screens can be used to carry color pixel-coded messages that could be read from the computer screens either by smart digital cameras or by software "screen pixel scanners".

The question is whether the IT market has a niche for such an application...