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Where can I find a free Ebay sales map (similar to mystoremaps)? Pro Membership to the first good answer! Answered

I recently decided to try out mystoremaps on Ebay.  It is pretty easy to use, but I don't like that the free version only includes a map of North America.  I have quite a bit of international sales, so I want something that shows all of them.  I would rather have something that can be updated easily too.

Is there a free map tool that works in a similar fashion?  I really just want a map with a lot of red dots on it to mark where each sale has taken place.  I think mystoremaps has a pretty easy system set up for this task.  I just do not want to pay a monthly fee to show other continents.

Here is one of my auctions so you can see what it looks like.  The map is at the bottom of the item description.

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Your truly only option is to make one, mine that I made isn't interactive, but I'm able to change & update it. I then added it to my Blackthorn &update every few weeks.

Honestly mines plain & to the point, but IT DOES WORK. My international sales have increased over 400% in 6mo. I have it in my ads kansasunbeatabledeals or just search for KFC/Kentucky Fried Chicken (my niche) & check it out.

I can send you mine, that I made with paint (just don't copy/paste pictures of world maps it violates copyright laws) I know my font and just delete my old #s & add new #s.

Mine works better than mystoremaps that lag, freeze pages, & above all cost $3-10/mo on sliding sales sales. Took me about 6hr to do lol but I'm no pc geek lol. Saved $40 in fees and have made much more in sales.

(hmmm oops should I tell) lol