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Where can I find a good guide to learn how to program a netduino? Answered

So I got a netduino, and frankly this thing is very cool.  However I dont know how to program it too well, I already did the basic few into projects but its all very confusing to me.  I have *some* prior programming experience using Java.  Anybody know a good complete guide where I can learn how to use this thing?  I have so many ideas but I don't know how to make them work.  Any help is good help! Thanks! :)


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Best Answer 9 years ago

Here are some good websites that will help :



(Thats a you tube search and there are a lot of tutorials there)

I do not have a netduino...I only have an arduino...but I still thought that these links are very helpful.

Hope this helps!


6 years ago

If you don't have any programming background, check out the C# book by Jack Purdum. The reviews on Amazon are mixed, but if you look at them you will find the worst review was for the eBook version which evidently had some early problems. When it comes to an easy intro to Object Oriented Programming and C# in general, his book is hard to beat.