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Where can I find or how can I make a vest for a Simon Tam costume? Answered

The cut of Simon's vest is quite unusual: it has a lot of buttons and a high neck line--most vests have few buttons and a low neck.

I have not been able to find advice on finding or creating a vest like this, and I have not been able to find a good substitute online. Do any of you wonderfully resourceful and clever people have any suggestions (the easier/simpler the better)? I am at a loss.

Thank you!

P.S. Here is a link to a picture of Simon Tam if the image does not show up for you.


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9 years ago

As Lemonie says, there are plenty of waistcoat patterns around (this particular style may be found most easily via steampunk websites), it's simply a matter of selecting the right fabric.

(I think the buttons are wrapped in the same fabric, by the way.)

An observation from Kitewife - waistcoats are harder than they look, as they are supposed to be lined.


Answer 9 years ago

Thank you! Just knowing that it is actually a waistcoat is helpful. And your steampunk observation should help me as well.

Both of these were great answers. Thanks again!