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Where can I find patterns/instructions for making Steampunk clothing (male, preferably)? Answered

I have been trying to get into the Steampunk style for a long time, and I cannot find any patterns for a time-period-esque vest, interesting cane ideas, or any miscellaneous items everyone in their, respective, pictures have. Where can I find instructions for creating my own Zeppelin Captain "Get-Up."


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9 years ago

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There's a cool place in Orlando called Skycraft surplus. They carry anything and everything you can use to build electronics of anykind. The building has a spaceship/flying saucer sticking out of it. Also some hobby shops and antique clothing stores like Miami twice,http://www.miami-twice.com/, etc might have something. If you are not opposed to wearing hand-me-downs that is. Also some thrift stores are not too bad with those type of outfits, old vests, jackets, etc. And if you do go to a fabric store, don't just look at the clothing fabrics, look at the upholstery fabrics too!


12 years ago

when I built my steampunk engineer costume, i went to local thrift shops and thrifted most everything i wore, i think the costume ended up costing me like 12 bucks. however, if you are intent on creating it from scratch, threadbanger did some steampunkery awhile back. you might also investigate the pattern rack at your local fabric shop, the patterns aren't usually too expensive, and you can find some bizarre stuff there, which is often wonderful for steampunk.