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Where can I find the type of rubber used on keds shoes the band around the shoe Thank you Answered

The band around the keds tennis shoe has a light texture to it and is an off white
i am looking for rubber like that 


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4 years ago

On sneakers, it is “foxing tape”, “friction tape”, or “side wall” and the thick part at the front is a “bumper”.



Vans used a lot of different printed tapes


And this is how it is done


I didn’t see a source for foxing tape, other than bulk from Asia. Friction tape gave lots of hits, but appeared to be electrical tape. Sidewall tape gave lots of hits, but appeared to be related to bicycle tires.

Maybe you can pick through the results and find a useable tape.


4 years ago

You almost certainly can't get a patterned band unless you very lucky they will be made for Keds.

1. You could try Keds web site


Ask they can only say no.

2. You can try a shoe repairer just possibly they may have something like that.

3. You can try to find a white Resistance band - these are rubber, smooth and a lot wider then you need but you can cut them easily and glue on with rubbed cement.

4. You could buy a cheap pair of tennis shoes and cut them apart for the welt, Oh that's what that part is called by the way.