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Where can I get a small radio receiver that I can implement on a circuit board? Answered

I was planning on making a top secret circuit board. One of the thing this circuit board needs to be able to do is to receive a radio signal (I think radio would be the best for this because its simple, and can be transmitted easily through walls, but tell me otherwise). The radio transmitter would only have to send two different things, such as on and off or I and 2 for example. Because of this, I wouldn't think I would need anything hefty to receive/send. I'm not 100% sure if I can easily translate either of these two signals into a circuit board so that I can easily say:
if signal = 1
then function 1
else if signal = 2
then function 2
would I need another part to do this? As in if I receive signal 1 then it activates wire 1 and etc.

I'm mostly looking for a part that I can purchase for the receiver and transmitter (the transmitter does not have to fit on a circuit board), but would be happy with some DIY goodness as well.  :)

Thank you for your help


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5 years ago

Send over what distance?

Radio transmission is controlled by law in most countries so you have to use a frequency allocated to your application.

A simple 433 Mhz tx rx is readily available on ebay which over a short distance will do what you want.