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Where can I get bulk synthetic hair? Answered

I want to make a plushie My Little Pony and I'm going to need a good amount of hair to do it. The only thing I've found so far is buying hair extensions, which would get very expensive very quickly, and most places don't have the colors I need. I want the colors to match the Friendship is Magical cartoon as closely as possible. The first one I do will be Fluttershy, so I'm looking for a light pink.

I would prefer to spend less than $20 on the hair since I still have to get all the other materials as well. Is that possible?



7 years ago

I've used dollyhair.com and restoredoll.com for all of my pony restoration needs for at least 10 years. I bounce between the two depending on the colors I'm looking for, type of hair. There are price breaks depending on how much your order, and you can even make custom blends! There are different lengths and amounts to choose from, you can buy scents for the hair, etc. Each site has reference guides for matching up pony hair colors (according to the 80s ponies unless it's been updated, but I doubt it), so it really helps with restorations. Dollyhair.com is divided up according to what dolls (or pony) you're customizing and their pictures are really really close to the real color you'll be getting. It's super cheap too, I believe around $3 for the pony hanks. For ponies, I'd suggest nylon hair because it's what they use for the pony toys, and it's cheaper than saran hair. It is also bouncy, shiny and straight, as opposed to saran, which is heavier and lays flatter, also, if you've tried to keep it straight, but lay it down on something, it gets wavy and kinda wonky. But I do believe it's easier to style (like curls) and it's what they use on Barbie sometimes. Hope that helps!


8 years ago

You can often get horse tails at your local abattoir call once upon a time they gave them away.