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Where can I get cardboard honeycomb, kraft honeycomb... in centeral California? Answered

I have looked and looked. I can find furnature, and boxes and that's it. I need plane sheets of kraft paper or cardboard honeycomb.

Near Centeral California would be great so I don't have to ship.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Look for a carton manufacturer for card board


either they make their own or know of suppliers ask.

I agree talk to temporary sinage people for Correflute.


8 years ago

Do you mean the plastic coated (I think) cardboard stuff that has two flat outer layers with a corrugated layer sandwiched between them? I think one of the brand names is corflute.
If that stuff is useful to you try somewhere that uses a lot of signage like a real estate agent and maybe you can get some old 'for sale' signs for free.
I get the stuff from a guy that puts up signs for a living and he gives me all the leftover stuff that I need for free. It makes great targets for sighting in firearms.
Ask around.


8 years ago



Looks like it may be pricey (23" x 44" x 1/4" was $214). Have you tried contacting any of the big hobby/craft stores in your area (Michaels, JoAnns Fabrics, etc.)? I don't think Home Depot carries this stuff, but I could be wrong.