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Where can I get great fort ideas for an awesome fort? Answered

My friends and I live in a nieghborhood where they are building new houses. We have limited money and resourses. We need ideas for a cool place we can build and chill in.




Best Answer 10 years ago

Start by finding a place, maybe either up a tree, which of course, they will be expecting, or where there is a nice open space. If you go with a tree, try to find one that forks alot, and makes some nice flat areas, then scrounge up some wood. I think Tim Anderson has an Instructable on how to find wood at a lumberyard for free. grab some 2 by 4's if you are working in the tree, and 4 by 4's if you are working in the clearing. you'll need plywood either way. make a treehouse in the tree. duh. but in the clearing, i recommend digging i giant hole, tall enough to stand in with bout a foot above you, then set the 4 by 4's above you, sunk in so they are flush with the ground, and skin them in 3/4 inch plywood. and cover it with dirt. just make sure to leave an entrance. try to find something subtle to use as an entrance cover, like an old tire, or a potted plant. then dig some little holes in the wall for candles, and there you go, subterranean fort. i had one a few years back, but we ended up turning it into a pond. but our tree houses are still up.


8 years ago

 well there are new houses going up so you can take scrap from it and build it.

for the design there are a few questions do you have enough space? how much? but i would chose a hawaiian flood style fort with braces to keep the fort up made of 4x4 or brick (depending on whether it's permanent or not) 

first you make the ladder, use 2x4's or whatever's available.

then you make the braces/supports use 8 4x4's cut to the size you want

then the frame and the base, use 2x12s or 2x10's but, as a last resort, use 2x4's put the 2x10's around 4 posts and fasten them, then put more 2x10's to fill the gap or plywood. brace it with 2x4's and use the rest of the supports to make it more stable preferably halfway in between the corner supports and the middle

now we can get up there! you just built a viewing platform! now to make it a fort

now you build the walls make the walls anyway you like whether it's a double wall (the regular house walls) or a simple wood wall. now is the chance to put power in your fort, use an extension cable and run it into the wall to put power in your fort

then you build the roof again anyway you like

now put in some floor

you're done!


9 years ago

 hi i tried that and its realy hard 


9 years ago

sorry but i do not like your idea :{


10 years ago

make sure if you use plywood that you paint or seal it in some way or else it turns into mush after a few months.