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Where can I get movies to Download to my Zune for FREE, and how do I get them onto my Zune? Answered

I have a Zune and would like to put some movies on it, so when we go motorhoming, we can watch a movie. I'm not real computer savy, so need to know it in easy terms. Thanks.



11 years ago

Downloading movies that you don't own is piracy, and frowned upon on the site (we're all about sharing, but not plagiarism)

Either way - to 'rip' movies you own from dvd to a format your zune can use (wmv most likely) you can use various programs - dvdshrink comes to mind.

its a 2-step process, first you have to extract the dvd video files (which are encrypted, poorly), then convert to zune-esque file format.

http://www.anders.com/guides/convert/video/zune/windows.html has a tutorial.