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Where can I get reinforced graphene to make bullet proof aromor? Answered

Where can I get reinforced graphene for bullet proof armor? I live in McAllen Texas. I'm trying to get a type of graphene that is stronger than steel, but I'm not sure if I'm suppose to get reinforced graphene plastic or some other type, don't even know the names and differentions.



Best Answer 3 years ago

1. No idea where in the world you live.

2. No idea of the specification your likely to need

3. Define reinforced.

try Google.


Answer 3 years ago

I would advise the supplier your going to use this to make a bullet proof suit they may want to put some disclaimers in with the order.

I though you were getting this suit made?.


Answer 3 years ago

I am, but the guy who's helping might get the wrong type of Graphene.


Answer 3 years ago

Not if he understands that the suit is supposed to be bullit proof.

Jack A Lopez

3 years ago

I am not sure if the material you're looking for actually exists at present, at the time of this writing.

For example, the Wikipedia article titled "Bulletproof vest"

mentions graphene, but it mentions it in the section titled "10 Research", and if you read this paragraph about graphene (10.8), it is basically a summary of some laboratory scale experiments from 2014.

Sort of thing to take away from this section, and the articles it links to in the references, is the fact that these experiments were done on a microscopic scale, with microscopic bullets.

But stopping tiny microscopic bullets is not the same thing as stopping real bullets. This material needs to be scaled up somehow, and I am not sure if anyone has actually succeeded in doing this yet.

So I am left wondering what is the true "state of the art" with respect to bulletproof graphene.

Sometimes Google(r) Images can be of assistance in answering questions of this kind.

Basically the way this game works, is you come up with a brief description of the thing you're looking for, like "bulletproof graphene", then feed this to a Google Image search,
and it will give you pages and pages of pictures.

Then you look through these pictures, trying to pick out the ones that look like real life pictures, not cartoons.

For example, here's one that kind of caught my eye. It looks like two college professors fascinated by a piece of clear plastic.
It is from this article,
Although it turns out that picture is not graphene. It's something else, called "shimp silk", or "shrilk".

Here's another, better one, an article about some kind of spider-silk fabric,


which again, is not graphene, but the picture kind of caught my eye.

Maybe instead of searching for phrases including "graphene", a phrase like "ballistic fabric testing"
might give me some better pictures. I kind of wanted to see fabric with stopped bullets stuck in it, like the ones on this page

like, you know, real material that actually stops bullets, and pictures of the same.

The final thing I wanted to link to was a reference to the old fairy tale about the Emperor's New Clothes, via Wikipedia,

You've probably heard that one before, but if you haven't, it is a cautionary tale about custom made clothes.

Anti11Jack A Lopez

Answer 3 years ago

It's already been tested, it's a waste of time to do more test for 50 cal.


3 years ago

What is the graphene reinforced with? Unobtanium?


Answer 3 years ago

Same stuff that Bill Lear could not get for his steam bus (water freezes) but even Learium is not as good a working fluid for a steam engine !